How My Program Works

No matter the discipline, students I tutor will learn how to move from the initial challenges of composing essays, reports and exam answers to writing more easily and effectively.  


Progressing through course assignments, including preparing for tests and examinations, we will learn how to:

Analyze works, connect key elements to build compelling arguments and respond to assignment questions with clear, engaging essays, reports and critiques.

Identify themes and literary devices and extract multiple interpretations from texts.

Develop crucial skills in English expression that will place the student in good stead, not just for one paper or course, but for other disciplines and activities.


Along the way, and especially where pertinent to specific classroom assignments, we will look at key issues in writing for high school teachers and college professors. Some examples:

  • Staying on point with an assignment-question answer.
  • Completing work on time.
  • Working on group projects.
  • Writing for a specific audience.
  • Writing with purpose.
  • Writing with precision.


I have tutored and edited the work of many students, professors and executives, with excellent results and evaluations. For that reason, I can state confidently that those who work with me will become better writers and thinkers.

Writing is one of the most important skills a person can possess. Learning to write well is more than a way to get a good grade on a paper; it can make a difference in one's life and ultimate career. 

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