What My Students, Associates Say 

“Mr. Barris is a wonderful instructor. His ability to articulate how best to write a thesis or incorporate and analyze quotations helps students reach their goals as they learn at the feet of a master. He clearly has a talent for passing on his knowledge to his students and is able to improve their grammar and analytic abilities.”

Caroline Marrone, Ed.D., Assistant Director, Rutgers University Writing Program, Douglass Writing Center Coordinator


“Michael Barris is an outstanding instructorcreative in engaging the material and in his approach to teaching. I can heartily recommend Mr. Barris as an energetic, intelligent, and committed individual who will bring out the best in any student.”

James E. Katz, PhD, Board of Governors Professor of Communication, and Chair, Department of Communication, Rutgers University School of Communication and Information


“Mr. Barris does an outstanding job of helping students improve their oral and written communication skills. Mr. Barris received excellent course evaluation ratings. Students indicated that: “This class was the best class I have taken to date throughout my time at Rutgers” and “… Barris did an excellent job in keeping our class interested and enthused … we all really enjoyed him!”

Nick Linardopoulos, Ph.D., Lecturer, Public Speaking and Debate Coordinator, Department of Communication, Rutgers University School of Communication and Information


Mike is a phenomenal tutor.  He is very patient and really listens. That's why he connected with my son. My son loves to read but for some reason could not translate that appreciation into writing. He would make careless mistakes and get off track. He would hide conclusions in the middle of an essay. After two sessions with Mike, we started to see a difference in his grades, and now three months later, he is actually enjoying his writing assignments. His Written Expression teacher sent me a note commenting on his progress." 

Suzanne S., Marlboro, New Jersey


“Mike will take the time to ensure that the student understands the material and through that understanding [help him or her to] write a clear and well thought out essay. Mike spent an evening with my daughter to help her identify critical quotes and the overall theme for a book on her summer reading list. He was patient and helped guide her to find the answers on her own. He did this through a series of questions, asking her what she thought the author was trying to get across to the reader."  

Sheryl J., Eatontown, New Jersey