About Me

With a background as a speaking champion, professional musician, award-winning journalist, and university public speaking instructor, my writings include the bestselling book, "How to Become a Super Speaker: The 7 Principles for Speaking with Confidence and Connecting with Audiences." I've also authored numerous self-improvement articles on speaking and the art of grabbing and keeping the attention of audiences. 

What Drives My Approach As a Speaking Coach

My experiences as an acclaimed Rutgers University public speaking instructor and as a guitarist-singer at clubs, concerts, and festivals in the United States and Canada have influenced my teaching of the art of connecting with crowds. But that's not all that has shaped my approach to helping people become more dynamic, memorable speakers.

  • I've sharpened my speaking and speechwriting skills in the professional world: I have been the voice of academics and business professionals in books and articles as a ghostwriter and public communicator. 

  • I've been a lifelong student of communication: I have a master of arts in communication as well as a bachelor of arts in English and a bachelor of education.

  • I'm a writer: I've written scores of pieces for The Wall Street Journal or been distributed through Dow Jones and The Associated Press to major media outlets such as The New York Times. Throughout my journalism career, including a stint as an editor with the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post, I have worked to improve the storytelling and basic English skills of numerous non-native English speakers. The experience has helped to hone both my sense of audience and my ability to teach and coach people at all levels of speaking proficiency. I've also written jazz criticism for DownBeat magazine, applying the ear for rhythm that I use to help speakers deliver talks with rhythm, cadence, and heart.

What's Coming Up

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Whether your business is a start-up or an established concern, having strong speaking skills is a must. I'll debunk some of the myths about speaking anxiety and talk about the seven principles for speaking with confidence and connecting with audiences.

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